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About me



Thank you for visiting my blog; my name is Michael and I currently reside in Arizona.  I’m a self-made chef, gardener and foodie.  I have worked in the food industry for over 35 years with various companies ranging from nursing facilities, schools and universities holding positions in the front and back of many restaurants handling all type of positions which helped me learn the food business from the inside out.

I love to cook delicious, simple recipes to fit any budget and that pleases the taste buds of many; cooking allows me to express myself and be creative.  My goal is to share with you some of those recipes; they are easy to make and that you will be able to enjoy with your friends and family.  Some recipes will be well known to you while others might be new but either way, I will encourage you to try them and let me know your thoughts!


I will also be sharing my thoughts on different restaurants, their service, food, ambience, and much more.  Last, I will let you know of various vegetables and herbs I will be growing right in my backyard!

So, come back soon and let's get back to basic cooking and eating "because life is too short to eat tasteless food".



Chef Michael​​


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